What sets statelessness apart from other challenges facing humanity is its solvability.

We firmly believe that statelessness can be eradicated forever, for everyone. Unlike some complex problems, there are tangible and durable solutions within our reach. These solutions benefit all, as leaving anyone stateless serves no one’s interest.

The consequences of statelessness can be devastating, leading to a cycle of rights deprivation for individuals and causing severe knock-on effects for society, including rising tensions among excluded groups.

However, we know that change is not happening rapidly enough.

Statelessness continues to inflict a devastating impact on people’s lives, threatening to perpetuate intergenerational deprivation of rights if not addressed effectively.

Many states have pledged their political commitment to resolve statelessness, but progress in implementation has been slow. We recognise the urgency and seek to demonstrate how change can be accelerated.

Our approach involves bringing together individuals with the energy, talent, and power to make a real difference. By addressing statelessness, we firmly believe it can drive sustainable development and yield immeasurable benefits for society as a whole.

This belief drives our existence as the Global Alliance to End Statelessness.

Experience has taught us that eradicating statelessness requires a “whole of society” approach. Therefore, we are convening a diverse group of stakeholders from around the world, fostering openness, equality, and collaboration. All are invited, including governments at various stages of their journey to eliminate statelessness, stateless-led organizations, regional bodies, UN agencies, and other crucial actors.

Our aim is to equip one another with the necessary tools for focused and effective collaboration. Our platform serves as a collective space for united action, where we actively listen, learn from each other, exchange ideas, and connect the dots in exciting and innovative ways.

While the Global Alliance will be launched on 14 October 2024 at the High-Level Segment on Statelessness in Geneva, we are already seeking passionate members who are ready to make history. We believe the next member could be you. Please apply now or you can register your interest to find out more. Together, we can turn the tide against statelessness and create a world where everyone can fully enjoy their rights and nationality.