Open Call for Expressions of Interest: Advisory Committee of the Global Alliance to End Statelessness

Millions of people are stateless around the world, with serious impacts on their ability to enjoy even the most basic rights. Statelessness is an affront to our very humanity and a serious human rights violation, often rooted in discrimination. Unlike other challenges facing humanity, statelessness is solvable and there are durable, concrete solutions within our grasp. But statelessness calls for coordinated and collaborative action and change simply isn’t happening fast enough.

The Global Alliance to End Statelessness is a multi-stakeholder platform consisting of Member States, regional intergovernmental organizations, civil society and stateless-led organizations, UN Agencies and other international organizations, committed to accelerating solutions that bring an end to statelessness. Our goal is to ensure that everyone can enjoy the right to a nationality without any form of discrimination.

At this point, the Global Alliance is looking to bring together a diverse group of individuals, who are eager to make a mark and to contribute their knowledge and skills to the collective efforts to resolve statelessness. We are thus launching this open Call for Expressions of interest for the Global Alliance Advisory Committee. The call is open from May 23 to July 21, 2024, until 23:59 CET, for all members of the Global Alliance who meet the criteria outlined in the Terms of Reference (ToRs).

Advisory Committee Role and Responsibilities:
As a member of the Advisory Committee, you will provide essential strategic guidance and advice to shape the Alliance’s strategy, priorities, workplan and other initiatives. Your insights will ensure our work aligns with our vision and mission. As a Member of the Advisory Committee you will take a proactive role in supporting and contributing to the attainment of the Global Alliance’s objectives, mission and overall vision, including supporting advocacy and external engagement, member outreach and raise awareness on the Alliance and its work.

Advisory Committee Structure:
The Advisory Committee will be composed of up to 15 members, representing a diverse group of stakeholders: including stateless-led organizations, States, civil society groups and/or academia, UN agencies and/or entities (including UNHCR), regional intergovernmental and/or international organizations.

Advisory Committee Members:
We are looking for Advisory Committee members with a keen interest in addressing statelessness and a commitment to the values and mission of the Global Alliance. Experience and expertise in this area are valuable, as are the diverse perspectives and skills. Ideal candidates should be willing to dedicate time to Advisory Committee responsibilities and possess strong interpersonal skills to work effectively in a collaborative, committee-based environment.

This is generally a voluntary position. However, individuals with lived experience of statelessness who represent stateless-led organizations on the Advisory Committee will be compensated for their time. Expenses related to participation in face-to-face meetings can be reimbursed for participants representing organizations or entities not able to cover their own costs.

Specific Criteria by Stakeholder Group:

States: Must be a UN member state and a member of the Global Alliance. Priority given to states in the Solution Seeker Programme.

Stateless-Led Organizations: Must be led by individuals who are stateless or have lived experience of statelessness and demonstrate an understanding of diverse stateless populations.

Civil Society Organizations and Academia: Must be actively working on statelessness issues at national, regional, or international levels.

UN Agencies, Regional Intergovernmental and International Organizations: Must be engaged in or committed to resolving statelessness.

Advisory Committee membership is for three years, with a possibility for renewal for a second term.

Frequency of Meetings:
The Advisory Committee will meet three to four times per year, generally online, with potential for hybrid or in-person meetings. Additional out-of-session meetings may be convened if necessary.

Application Process:
Interested members should submit their application using the online form available at this link. UNHCR, as the Secretariat of the Global Alliance, will review the expressions of interest based on the criteria and other diversity factors outlined in the ToRs.

The selected Advisory Committee members will be notified in writing in the first half of August 2024.

The first Advisory Committee meeting will be held in Geneva in mid-September 2024.

For detailed criteria and more information, please refer to the full text of the ToRs, published alongside this Call.

Join us in making a lasting impact. We look forward to your applications and your invaluable contributions to our collaborative effort to end statelessness worldwide.

The Secretariat of the Global Alliance to End Statelessness

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Terms of Reference for the Global Alliance Advisory Committee

For additional information please refer to the Terms of Reference for the Global Alliance Advisory Committee

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