Marin Roman
On behalf of the Global Alliance Secretariat
Marin Roman
Senior Statelessness Officer, UNHCR

Welcome to the Global Alliance to End Statelessness

Statelessness affects millions worldwide, often stemming from deep-rooted discrimination. Yet, unlike many of humanity’s challenges, statelessness is solvable. The solutions are within our reach and benefit everyone.

As we approach the end of the #IBelong campaign, we stand at a pivotal moment in our collective efforts towards a world free from statelessness. Anticipating the launch of the Global Alliance to End Statelessness at the High-Level Event on statelessness during the UNHCR’s Executive Committee meeting in October 2024, our vision is ambitious yet achievable: a world where everyone has the right to a nationality without discrimination.

In my previous capacity as a UNHCR Regional Statelessness Officer for Central Asia, I was personally inspired by, and had the honour to contribute to Kyrgyzstan’s and other Central Asian states’ remarkable achievements in addressing statelessness. Kyrgyzstan’s historic resolution of all known stateless cases in 2019 and the significant statelessness reduction across Central Asia stand as testaments to the effectiveness of the multi-stakeholder approach and the power of collaborative action.

The Global Alliance embodies this ‘whole of society’ approach, recognizing that the involvement of diverse actors, including the stateless-led organizations and communities, is crucial. In the lead-up to our launch, we are focused on mobilizing all actors, including Member States, regional intergovernmental organization, civil society and stateless-led organizations, academic institutions, faith-based groups, and UN entities, to join the Global Alliance and collaboratively work to expedite permanent solutions and ensure the right of every individual to a nationality, free from discrimination.

The Solution Seeker Programme, a cornerstone activity of the Global Alliance, will be introduced at the Global Refugee Forum Parallel High-level event on statelessness on 15 December 2023, and we extend a warm welcome to all stakeholders committed to relegating statelessness to history and call on them to sign-up as members of the new Global Alliance to End Statelessness.

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Karina Ambartsoumian-Clough
Karina Ambartsoumian-Clough
Executive Director, United Stateless
Why the Global Alliance and why hope?

There is a strength in unity, and it is even more powerful when that unity is diverse.

The Global Alliance unites us under a vision for a statelessness free world. And it gives us the opportunity to collectively hold power to put towards a lasting impact and legacy for future generations. This is how we address statelessness from ever happening in this world, by working together.

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Claude Cahn
Human Rights Officer, UN Human Rights Office (OHCHR)
Why the Global Alliance and why is it important?

The Global Alliance is both a space and a communicative energy to bring forward our commitment for no statelessness anywhere in the world. The community of the Global Alliance will be a workspace that is inspiring, that shines a light on how together we can work on a common human rights problem.

If we pull together and do the work and mobilize the resources, we can arrive at the year 2030 with every single person on earth carrying a nationality and participating fully in their own societies.

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Chris Nash
Chris Nash
Director and Co-Founder, European Network on Statelessness
Why the Global Alliance and why together?

Ultimately, statelessness is a human-made problem, which means that we as people and in our professional capacities have the power to change it. In that respect, it is different from some other existential challenges facing humanity.

Ten years ago, statelessness was almost invisible, despite the scale of the problem and the devastating impact. Millions of people worldwide were (and still are) living without a nationality. Thanks to UNHCR’s #IBelong Campaign and the efforts of civil society, statelessness is now firmly on the agenda. But we need to launch the Global Alliance now to catch and continue that momentum.

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